Webinar Room


Animal Fascial Manipulation as a Treatment Tool

with Tuulia Luomala

Animal fascial manipulation is a treatment technique, which includes movement testing, palpation protocol and treatment according to specific thinking process. In this lecture you will learn basics of animal fascial manipulation method. You will get an idea of segments, sequences and examples of centre of coordination. 

The Connection and “Misconnection” between Physical Rehabilitation in the Human and Equine

with Sheila Schils

This lecture will review select discussions from human rehabilitation research and discuss how to best utilize this vast expanse of information to assist in the design of equine rehabilitation protocols. Topics will include: Pros and cons of early mobilization after injury. The sequence of exercises during rehabilitation protocol development and Pain detection and management.

Equine Physiatry

with Bart Halsberghe

How we integrate different modalities to come to the right answer as to where the problem is and how we can get the horses back on track.

The Myofascial Link

with Michele Broadhurst

For the longest time the myofascial systems’ function and its direct link to pain and dysfunction has been marginalized and dismissed as peripheral and not essential.  We now know that it is essential to the success or failure when addressing soft tissue injury, acute and chronic joint issues, performance and pain.  This understanding and application is the missing link that many professionals have searched for or are searching for to connect many of our treatment protocols into a truly multifaceted approach to patient care. 

Manipulating Ground Reaction Forces for a Bio-Mechanical advantage during Rehab

with Mark Caldwell

The lecture will focus on the biomechanics of the foot and optimum geometric proportions to optimize the efficiency of the limb in motion with particular emphasis on the stance phase. The content will provide an insight into the use of differential placement of in shoe inserts to reduce ground pressure and transferring force away from sites of common foot and lower limb pathologies such as desmopothy of the collateral and suspensory apparatus. 

Horse, Saddle, Rider Interaction: The Effects of Riding on the Horse

with Anne Bondi

This presentation will discuss various aspects of the effects of riding on the horse in terms of movement, wellbeing and protection, and will delve into some of the known knowns and known unknowns.