Webinar Room


Fascia: What do I need to know?

with Lowri Davies

The lecture will look at the role of fascia within the body. It will address the myofascia in terms of anatomy and function and will consider why it is so essential for normal body support and movement. 

Compensation Patterns of Orthopaedic and Neurologic Patients on Land and in the Water

with Ellen Martens

This webinar will highlight some of the common compensation patterns we see in our patients, and how these changes in movement connect to pain, abnormal muscle mass and tone, and furthering dysfunction. 

Aquatic Techniques to Maintain and Improve Performance in the Canine Athlete 

with Maria Johnston

Care of the canine athlete has increased tenfold in recent years with unlimited amounts of information for therapists and handlers on how to produce canines that perform at their best, using land based skills and treatments. Hydrotherapy has always played a huge part in rehabilitation from injury and musculoskeletal disease, however the canine athlete can also benefit from aquatic techniques to maintain form, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Getting it Published

with Kristin Kirkby Shaw

This presentation will introduce participants to the basics of clinical research, including how to develop a clinically relevant question and hypothesis, study design, outcome measures for use in veterinary rehabilitation, and tips for getting research papers published in peer-reviewed journals. While an important part of the research process, this presentation will NOT be discussing statistical analysis! 

Aquatic Movement Sequences; Improving Canine Natural Balance Motion

with Barbara Houlding

Exploring the importance of working with the dog in their natural balanced motion in water and on land. Using clinical reasoning with your choices of Therapeutic Touch to work with the dog using proprioceptively enriched active movement sequences in the water. Examining the Aquatic Key Points of Control related to how you guide and Movement Shape the dog in the pool or aquatic treadmill.

Aquatic Treatment Techniques; Connecting to the Canine Proprioceptive System

with Barbara Houlding

Exploring the importance of how to activate the canine core in water to optimize the dog’s land based natural balanced stance, postures and movement. The use of proprioceptively enriched rhythmical stabilization techniques in the dog, supported by canine biomechanics and functional anatomy.