Webinar Room


Pavlov, Skinner, and Premack Go To Physiotherapy

with Leslie Eide

Connecting with your canine patients starts as soon as they walk through the door. Having a basic understanding of behavior and learning theory will give you, your clients and your patients the best experience. This webinar will offer a review of Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and the Principle of Reinforcement; build an understanding of how choice builds confidence and cooperation; highlight Connection through speaking the language of learning; all while discussing practical, real-life solutions that you can start using today.

The Missing link: Myofascial Trigger Points

with Michele Broadhurst

We now know that the myofascial system is one of the most prolific components to ensuring success or failure when addressing soft tissue injury, acute and chronic joint issues, performance and pain.  This understanding and application is the missing link that many professionals have searched for or are searching for to marry many of our treatment protocols into a truly multifaceted approach to patient care. 

Pain, Movement and Tissue Healing: A Road Map to Recovery

with Lowri Davies

The lecture will consider what factors are critical for a rapid return to function after surgery. It will address how early mobilisation impacts on tissue healing and look at the role of exercise in modulating pain pathways.

The Link between Muscle Mass and Strength

with Lowri Davies

Muscle mass and muscle strength what exactly is the relationship, and how should this knowledge direct our rehabilitation techniques. 

Using Objective Outcome Measures to Promote Clinical Research

with Kiki Haussler

We will look at how we can use different objective outcome measuring tools, such as pressure-sensitive treadmills or low-cost questionnaires, to become involved in clinical research projects, allowing us to use our individual clinics in a connected fashion to serve the entire community.

In Living Colour: Thermography in Research and your Practice

with Jen Repac

This presentation summarizes applications for thermography in a clinical setting in addition to findings from the latest veterinary research. 

Lisa Mason

Companion Stance Analyzer: Using Data to Connect

with Lisa Mason

Companion’s Stance Analyzer is a tool that helps quantify lameness in a clinical setting.  It can be used in rehabilitation programs to objectively measure your patient’s improvement in weight-bearing, which helps owners to understand how well their pet is recovering from injuries or surgery.  This presentation will cover how to implement and utilize the Stance Analyzer in your practice to improve connections with pet owners.